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Homework Help: Not a math problem.

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    I need some general help to igure out what I should use for my introduction of my Lab Report.

    The last lab report I did was finding g using an inclined plane, So I was able to easily refer to Gallileo and his experiments on the subject.

    This lab report is on spring potential energy and gravitational potential energy, and how energy is conserved. I tried looking up newton, but I cant seem to find anything I can really use. Any suggestions?? I just need some kind of information to refer back to.
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    Gr 11? Same here.

    What criteria does your teacher mark the introduction to the lab report by?
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    The introduction is very specific. This section introduces the reader to the experiment by stating the problem with a purpose of solving it (done). This section includes any scientific literature that lead to the hypothesis or problem by providing necessary information needed to understand the problem more clearly. What has been done by others in this area? What is the present point of study?

    Yes .. grade 11 =)
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    Did you try Robert Hooke?

    He was Isaac Newton's "arch enemy", which made it kind of ironic that Hooke's law and Newton's law pair up so nicely when working with springs. The two totally despised each other.

    One of Newton's most famous quotes, "If I have seen further than others, it is only because I stood on the shoulders of giants", came from a letter he wrote to Hooke. That was an interesting thing to say to Hooke, since, physically, Hooke had a much stronger resemblance to a deformed dwarf than a giant.
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    thanks =D .. I got this earlier.. but was too lazy to log in and say thanks. I forgot all about Hooke. =X
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