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Not a new member!

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    I am not a new member- I am "HallsofIvy" but when I changed to "Windows 10" (so far I see little difference) I had to log into all my forums again. I was asked to give my internet sever name but have changed servers since I originally joined and could not remember the name- so I had to enroll all over again as "HOI" (the initials of "HallsofIvy"). (Oddly enough, I used to have a friend whose internet name was "Hog on Ice" which he abbreviated to "HOI". I never dared ask.)
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    Did you forget your password? We can reset that for you.
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    No, it wasn't the password- I had to say what my internet server was when I originally joined and I do not remember that!
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    PF does not ask what your internet server or provider is when logging in. All you need is username and password.
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    You need an email address (this is not an "internet server" either, but it is more than username+password) to sign up, but not to log in.
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