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Not being able to do Math in degree

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    I am attending a University where they offer a Mathematical Physics degree programme. The university is restructuring courses in an attempt to make courses more flexible and seem less repetitive. In doing so, however, I have learnt that I will not be able to pursue any pure Math courses. (apart from one on complex variables I think). The only option at the moment is to take less physics and open some way to allow space for more maths, or do the physics and leave the math. Both options seem bad and there did not seem to be such a problem before the restructuring.

    At the moment, there is a campaign going on by some students who want this to be changed or for the university to find a suitable solution. What do people here think? A Math Phys degree programme that doesn't allow us to take pure Math? Surely students who do physics take labs so why should we not get to take extra math?

    Many thanks for any comments.
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