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Not enough letter of recommedations

  1. Dec 13, 2012 #1
    Its been a while since I've left college(2 years) and I will be re-applying for a masters in US univ coming January.The program selection requirement states that for completing the application,a student must submit at-least 3 letters of recommendation[LoR's].

    I have 2 LoRs' but am finding it tough to convince my professors from my previous college to write a LoR.I was a good student there, scoring 81% and worked under one of the professors and completed a thesis under him,and yet they "pass-the-buck" to other professors stating they don't have enough time.I have a long journey seeking appointments and find out its all for nothing.

    How can I get a LoR in 3 weeks time?I obviously can't work under a new employer all-of-a-sudden and earn a LoR.

    Will US universities read my incomplete application?
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