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(Not folding space) Instant Travel Form A-B? But Not Time (theory)

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    Stop me if this is total poop or if it has been theorised already:
    (I may ramble a bit)

    My theory of instant travel (I hope).
    The universe has no area or shape, one of the most recent theories is that there is not just one universe but a “multiverse” made up of an infinite number of universes. These universes are "contained" in membranes or "branes" (So it is called “the brane theory”). Theoretically if one were to find a way to penetrate this brane then one could travel to and from these "universes". Also the theory states that these universes are parallel to our own, so they "play out" all possibilities that could have happened, are happening and will happen. Now if you aren’t interested in travelling inter-dimensionally then, in my opinion, one could travel to any point in our universe without the need to travel faster than light or the need to fold, bend or otherwise manipulate space or time. My theory is that, because the universe has no shape or fixed area (infinite), it is possible to re-enter our universe at any point in space. So if one could some how control the point at which they renter the universe, then one could travel to any point in space instantly, or near instantly. However, travelling in time can not be achieve this way because, as I understand it, these branes, or universes, exist in time, not our own. This can be said to be proven by the theory that "The Big Bang" was caused by the collision between two of these branes, and so they must exist in time for "The Big Bang" to have happened at a point in that time. So the current theory that the only way to travel in time, if any way exists, is to exceed the speed of light, which is theoretically impossible.
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    A Wheel of Time. Castaneda.
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