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    You know, you guys aren't very helpful. Last week I posted some questions with the work that I did and what I neblack help with and I got one response that was completely irrelevant.
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    Well, Gabriel, this is an all-volunteer site, and depending on the luck of the draw on a particular day, you may get stellar help or you may not get any. I went back and read your thread, and it did look like Astro's help was useful and you used it in your work. And your thread was only 2 hours long before you tied it off and said that you'd figured it out.

    Give the site a couple more chances, and I think you'll find value in it. I know I sure get a lot of value out of the PF, and I don't mind giving some back in the form of Homework Helper. I do have a more-than-full-time job, however, so my contributions to the PF wax and wane with my other obligations.
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    If you expect to post a problem and receive stellar help within two hours, anytime, day or night, you're definitely going to be disappointed with this site, or indeed any service that you're not paying a hefty fee to use.

    We manage to answer most questions within 24 hours (we live in time zones all around the world), and I feel that's pretty exceptional. I'm afraid it's simply unreasonable to expect a great deal of help within two hours.

    - Warren
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    Besides, I don't see Astronuc's reply as irrelevant? :confused:
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    Hyperphysics is quite relevant to the problem and it seem GabrielStigmatic was working through the problem. It is our policy to let students' work through the problem, and we certainly do not do the students' work for them.

    Also, we do not constantly monitor the same problem, since there are other problems with which to assist and other things to do.

    I expected GS would explore the site, particularly the sections about waves, e.g.

    The last post seemed to indicate that GS had figured it out.
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