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Not often i get stressed

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    So it is not often i get stressed, i either know i can fix some thing or i buckle down and find the problem, this is the spice of life right? we do work with a very limited time budget but some times we blow it and go into the red, this is where every one seems to go ape poo and throw logic out of the window, they seem to look at things totally unrelated to the actual problem, as if doing some thing is better than standing and thinking about it.
    Well that's ok for them but then they look at me as if to say do some thing, this is the time i get stressed, i just want to tell them to ( go fourth and multiply), but some of them out rank me and that would not be a good idea, but some times, some times.
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    What I hate about myself is how successful I am at suppressing my stress. The only problem is that it isn't in productive ways.

    Good ole procrastination.
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