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Not on wikipedia

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    Here are a few topics not present in Wikipedia:

    the principle of special relativity

    the principle of general relativity

    constrained systems

    Dirac observables

    Thiemann's Master constraint

    Thomas Thiemann

    Group averaging

    Refined algebraic quantization

    You can probably think of more. I'm not very good with wiki and still not sure how to start new entries. If someone could explain how you do it or set up these entries for me that would be great! Thanks julian (computer div).
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    I'm at a loss as to why you would say these are not on Wikipedia since a Google search for either one brings up the Wikipedia article as first on the list.
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    Why are you posting this on this forum and not on some wikipedia forum/talkpage?? If you don't know how to make new articles, then you should ask wikipedia. I'm not sure what we can do about it...
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    OK the first two are combined into one entry - that's why I didn't notice.

    Why posting here? I've been through the help pages on wiki and still dont know how to do it. Maybe I should try talk pages in wiki then.
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    And no, I've been on the forum for a while. My motivation isn't to find out how gullible people are. Did you do a google search on the rest??
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    To the OP, what micromass said is correct - posting here won't help. The best you can do is appeal to the wiki discussion / talk pages regarding creation of articles.
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