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Not quite homework but VERY

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    [SOLVED] Not quite homework but VERY URGENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Some of you may be familiar with creative problem solving programs like Odyssey of the Mind and Destination ImagiNation, which is the one I participate in. For the problem our team had to do, we made a device that uses a radio control from an RC car to open and close a pneumatic valve. In the rules of the problem it states that anything that powers or controls the device must be "included on the device" and also all parts of the device must be "physically connected". We got about a 60 point penalty out of 300 total points because our remote control was not "physically connected". Wouldn't the connection between the remote and the antenna be a physical connection, or does that not count? Please help, we have to take this to the judges tomorrow morning if we want to get our points back.

    Thanks so much,
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    Sorry, but I don't think you have much of a case. By your reasoning, the earth and the Crab Nebula are physically connected by virtue of the electromagnetic waves reaching us from there.
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