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Not Real Sure What to Do

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    I have one more semester of college left and I am getting my B.S. in psychology. :rofl: But, I have realized that psychology is really not what I want to do. I would like to go back for either a degree in neuroscience or physics. ( Neuroscience is my first choice, but physics is also interesting.) to eventually attend graduate school for something related to neuroscience. (I.E. neuroscience itself, although I think prospects for neural engineering and comp. neuro are really, really, inexplicably awesome!) I had a good math background in high school but since I've been in college I haven't really taken any math beyond stats, and really no science except for a couple neuroscience courses for my degree (no chem yet). I've decided to look into going to vocational school for respiratory therapy since with further training I can become a sleep technologist and a lot of the hours that respiratory techs/sleep techs can work are conducive with going back to school part time. ( And the $$$ is relatively good, and I could get benefits) The good thing is I am not in debt currently and would like to stay that way if possible. Next semester I am registered for pre-calc and a general chem class for my Respiratory Tech degree & am hoping to find some sort of menial employment to pay for my education (discount store, waitress, whatever). I am not very employable with just my psychology degree unless I go and get a CNA certificate (no business background) , and I did that when I was 17 and it really wasn't my thing. Respiratory Tech is healthcare and there are similarities between it and nursing but I would much rather be a respiratory tech than a nurse.
    Some questions that I have: Have any of you worked full time and gone back to school for a science degree? What kind of work did you do to support yourself? Do I sound crazy out of my gord with my plan? Got any advice? I want to go back for a 2nd bachelors in a couple years because to be honest, my psych degree grades aren't good enough to get me into grad school for a phd if I took the necessary sciences....
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    Grass is greener on the other side.

    It took you almost 4 yrs to realize that psychology is not your thing. Are you really sure Physics is what you want to do? Your new found interest in science could be just due to the neuroscience classes you took. For e.g. it might be cool to read about quantum physics without going into details but taking a class is usually not a pleasant experience.

    I found some colleges offering neuroscience programs for graduate psychology students by searching on google.
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