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Not really homework

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    Sorry, this isn't exactly homework per se, but I am asking someone to prom using physics problems whose answers correlate to the letters "PROM COLIN" and was hoping I could have you guys double check my work here. So far I've only made up the first four. I'm in AP Physics C and she is in B, so I decided to go with the lesson they are just finishing up, circular motion and universal gravitation. Please let me know what you get here, the answers should be (rounding to whole numbers) 16, 18, 15, 13. Thanks.

    Relevant equations

    F = M * Ac

    Ac = (V^2) / r

    V = ( 2 (pi) r ) / t

    F = G*M*M/R

    G = 6.67e-11
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    How would you think to approach these problems?
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    Ok maybe I should rephrase, I wrote these problems, so I know how to approach them. I was just hoping that someone with a few minutes to spare (since I think they are very easy, it should literally plug into the formula and solve in just a few seconds) might check them to make sure my answers are correct and I don't end up spelling out "PORN COLON".
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    Dude just ask her straight out.
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    That's so lame though and takes no thought/effort...
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    What's lame?

    That she might go out with you if you ask her straight out sincerely and with respect?

    Or that she would have to work for it like it's homework?

    The worst that can happen is that she will say no. I'm guessing making her work problems won't change that for sure.
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    Let him do it how he wants to. I personally think its a pretty cool idea. Only if she's interested in this kind of stuff though. You won't want to frustrate her, and you need to make absolutely sure that she'll be able to solve it.
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    I'd laugh my arse off if she solved them then didnt get the message.

    EDIT: If she doesnt, just whack her on the head and drag her off, it worked for the cavemen.
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