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Not stiff Structure

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    I am searching for a structure that would take a load (150kg).

    The problem is that I want it not to break (Sigma=P/A) but I want it not to be stiff (K=AE/L).

    The only parameter I have is the area A but it is opposite in the equations (I can't really change the length and I did not find materials with small E but large Sigma (max tensile strength)).

    So I thought to change the design (instead of a single bar) to have something flexible but that could take a big load without breaking.

    Any idea ?

    Thank you very much !

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    I guess all you can do is maximize sigma and minimize E. Perhaps try aluminum. If that fails, perhaps you could use a coiled member (a spring); this would greatly decrease stiffness, while the material strength remains high.
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