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Not sure what i should do.

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    i failed my abstract algebra course this semester and I'm majoring in applied mathematics. This is the first course that I've ever failed that is a requirement for my major. i really like abstract algebra,and i really like math , but i did not like my professor very much because he did not break the material down very well for me. I have to admit, I slacked off these last couple of weeks as well. I'm going to retake it over again and tried to earn a better grade . Now that i failed my first major course, financial issues aside, I 'm not sure if i should major in math or minor in math. I really like math , but I like physics a eensy bit more than math and to be honest, my initial consideration for majoring in applied math was because their are more jobs available for a person with a BS in applied math than their are for a BS in physics. I still want to apply to graduate school for physics, but in the mean time , I need a job between the time I'm out of college and the time before i enter graduate school to pay for college loans. I really want to pursue my degree in math as well as physics, but do any of you think my pursuit for a degree in math is worthless now since I failed a abstract algebra and should just pursue a minor in math?
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    I don't think failing a course in your major is a big deal. You can repeat it and do much better. We all make mistakes sometimes. You could still do the math major if you wanted.

    However, if you're planning on doing physics in graduate school, I think you'll have to write the GRE. If you're going to pursue physics then why don't you do a physics degree with a math minor?

    Take this with some salt. I'm an undergrad too, so I don't know for sure.
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    Well, the reason why I'm pursuing a degree in both math and physics is becausw there is virtually no difference in the number of math credits required for a math degree compared to the math requirements for a physics degree. In order words, For the most part(with the exception of math analysis , abstract algebra, and a math modeling course) , all the math requirements are the same for both a math and a physics degree.
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    Oh well you didn't specify you were double majoring in physics and math, you just said majoring in math! That's different then.

    Anyway a single failed course won't be the end of you. Redo it, do well, keep your grades up, and mention it on your statement of purpose when you apply to grad school. (I think.) Should be okay.

    Whether you should still do the major in math or perhaps a minor, I don't know. I guess that's up to you and how many extra courses it takes for that major. If you're just worried about employability it seems to me just taking a minor in math and getting some computer science experience would be more useful, but I'm just guessing here.
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