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Not sure what lab experiment to choose

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    I'm fortunate enough that I can choose between several labs and for my last choice I struggle between 2. I'm still an undergraduate student and the lab experiments aren't real research in the sense that I'm not supposed to discover anything new and they are meant for us to get experience in several fields and somehow study things close to real research.
    The choices I'm doubtful about are:
    1)Triboluminescence. The lab will be based on characterising the spectra coming from an adhesive rubber while varying some parameters (speed of unrolling, etc.).
    2)Nuclear quadrupole resonance. We would study some properties of a very particular molecule.

    1) seems the funniest thing to study. Though I think I could study this in almost any lab in the world.
    2) seems extremely interesting to me, but I fear a bit the physics knowledge involved. I wonder if NQR is something easy to work on in say, most universities.

    If some day I get the opportunity to go for a Ph.D. or a Master degree, I don't want to regret not having studied NQR.

    Do you have any experience in either field? If you haven't but if you still have an idea about what either of these choices involve, please feel free to share.
    Thank you.
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