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Not sure why I haven't come here sooner

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    Hey everyone. I just started my masters in physics, and am looking forward to the next couple of years.

    At the moment I am doing an exchange year to Spain, and don't really know that many people in the course. It's a bit of a shift from where I was last year, why everybody knew everybody. That seems true here as well, but I am not a part of that big group yet.

    I sat around on my computer, just now, browsing the same old boring-yet-funny sites, and thought about how I was sort of isolated. In addition, I thought about how uninteresting the stuff I was procrastinating with really was. "I wish I knew a place where I could procrastinate the same way with maths or physics!"

    But as I sat there I realised, there must be some sorts of forums where people interested in these things could hang out and talk together. Why hadn't I gone looking for those places before?

    So here I am, and excited to start exploring the forum!
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    Welcome Borseth!
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    Welcome, Borseth.

    It is funny that you use the word "procrastinating". I started to use this site in the same way: It is open in some tab, and when I feel like I need a break or I'm stuck, I come here and see if there is something interesting being discussed, or someone asked a question to which I may know the answer. This given me a sense of being useful, although I'm not working at that moment.

    I hope you will enjoy your year in Spain!
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    That is what I'm hoping for. I really like the idea.

    Me too! There is a risk I will get too many things to explore outside of physics, but I will try to hold myself down when it counts.
    Thanks a lot!
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