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Not to brag or anything, but

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    Our patent application was approved back on Aug 12. I didn't find out until today.

    http://www.patentgenius.com/patent/7412463.html" [Broken]

    It's patent number 7412463. Laws change on a daily basis, but law books are only published periodically, typically annually. If you are charged with a violation because of actions that occured on a particular date, your lawyer would be interested to know what the law was on that date along with knowing what other relevant laws were. We invented a way to database the laws so that that you can view the entire legal code as it would have appeared had it been published on that day.
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    Awesome, Jimmy! Congrats!!
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    Congratulations. Sad thing is, I'll probably need to use it sometime.
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    Congratulations. Don't you love hard work? Pays off!~
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    Wouldn't it be ironic if your patent were invalidated by a search your own database turned up? :biggrin:
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    That's pretty awesome Jimmy. Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Nice thinking. I was thinking of that sort of thing a while ago. It will do you some wonders in the future.
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