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Homework Help: Not understanding problem?

  1. Sep 12, 2010 #1
    where p is pressue.v is volume. n is the number of molecules. Kave is the average kinetic energy of each molecule.useing the definitions of P and Kave.
    show that pV and Kave are the same dimensions. and that these are the dimensions of work W"

    I am just unsure of what this is really asking me to do. Do i use formulas such as
    P=F/A and K=1/2m^2 or simple word by word definitions.
    any help would be good. thank you.

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    The question is only asking for dimensions. What units are you using? Is volume in meters cubed? Substitute these in the formula (n has no units BTW). The two sides should be the same and equal to the units associated with W.
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