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I Notation (index notation)

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    I am having trouble converting [D]=[A][ B]T[C] to index notation.
    I initially thought it would be Dij=AijBkjCkl but I have doubts that this is correct.

    Would anyone be able to elaborate on this?

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    Where did B come from?
  4. Mar 18, 2016 #3
    BT? It is the transpose of B.
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    Err, did you edit your post? I didn't see a B in your equation before. Anyways, nevermind.
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    No I never editted the equation. Do you have any ideas?
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    The OP had [B], which browsers treat as the start tag for bold fonts. That screwed up the equation. I edited the equation to fix that problem.
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    OK. Let us start at the right. First: [itex]B^{T}_{j,k}=B_{k,j} [/itex], so [itex] (B^{T}\circ C)_{j,l}=\sum _{k}B^{T}_{j,k}C_{k,l}[/itex]. Then inset A at the front in the same way: [itex]A\circ (B^{T}\circ C)_{i,l}=\sum _{j}A_{i,j}(\sum _{k}B^{T}_{j,k}C_{k,l}) [/itex].
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