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Note Books

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    How do you take notes for physics classes and what note books(Brand) do you use?

    Before I just to take notes on line paper and put the notes into a binder, but now I found taking notes in a notebook easier to organize(and harder to skip class). I'm trying to find some good quality notebooks but their all flashy(girly)...
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    What's wrong with girly notebooks?? I think they're great!
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    Haha. We have Spirax notebooks in Australia, they are yellow, and pretty much neutral IMO. I prefer them to a binder w/ looseleaf, it keeps my notes in order, and it's small / light that I don't have to lug around a few kilo's of paper just for one class, like I did when I had a big binder with everything in it.
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    I use engineering paper for all of my notes and store them in binders.
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    What engineering paper are we talking about? I have seen graph paper style and even polar graph. I like composition notebooks myself, but they cost about $5 each for ones that wont fall apart at the seam and I can fill one in 2 weeks!
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    I use cheap, CVS/ target brand notebooks. They generally have about 70-100 pages of college ruled paper. During the back to school sales I can get them for less than a dollar each, sometimes even around 50 cents.
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    Engineering paper is the way to go, with either 5mm or 7mm mechanical lead pencil and a big fat synthetic Staedler eraser!

    Here, QuarkCharmer: http://www.tvisupply.com/ENGINEER-S-COMP-PAD-3HP-SQ-IN-p/P335500.htm

    Less than $4. Difficult to beat, and I loved using it for everything so I could yank out my doodling without some notebook falling apart.
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