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I have an Acer TravelMate C110, which is a small table PC, and I bought it just over a year ago. I like most things about it, but the one thing I hate is that the battery has only a paltry 1800mAh charge. My brother has a small non-tablet notebook of a similar size whose battery has a charge of 4800mAh. The consequences of this for me are that I can only use it for 90 minutes at most away from a mains power supply. I had made the erroneous assumption before I bought it that the battery life would be at least twice what it is, but I guess that serves me right for not checking.

Anyway, I've been looking online for replacement batteries to see if they have any of a greater capacity, and the largest ones I can find are 1900mAh for this model of notebook. That is a whopping six percent improvement. It does have some power management facilities, but aside from dimming the screen (and I already have it at its dimmest usable level), there does not appear to be a great amount that I can do to help things. I suppose I could try using multiple batteries, but Is there anything I can do to extend the battery life (possibly a larger capacity model of battery that I have not discovered yet)?

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The first thing to do is to dim the screen, you have already done that. Besides this, you have to decrease the number of peripherals attached to your laptop, if any (like external mouse, keyboard, etc). You can go completely offline by disabling all network connectivity including Bluetooth and WiFi.

the best thing to do us to buy an external battery that is of a higher mAh than your laptop battery. These days, there are external batteries for laptops are widely available on the net.

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