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Notebook Battery

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    I have an Acer TravelMate C110, which is a small table PC, and I bought it just over a year ago. I like most things about it, but the one thing I hate is that the battery has only a paltry 1800mAh charge. My brother has a small non-tablet notebook of a similar size whose battery has a charge of 4800mAh. The consequences of this for me are that I can only use it for 90 minutes at most away from a mains power supply. I had made the erroneous assumption before I bought it that the battery life would be at least twice what it is, but I guess that serves me right for not checking.

    Anyway, I've been looking online for replacement batteries to see if they have any of a greater capacity, and the largest ones I can find are 1900mAh for this model of notebook. That is a whopping six percent improvement. It does have some power management facilities, but aside from dimming the screen (and I already have it at its dimmest usable level), there does not appear to be a great amount that I can do to help things. I suppose I could try using multiple batteries, but Is there anything I can do to extend the battery life (possibly a larger capacity model of battery that I have not discovered yet)?
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