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Nothing expanding into nothing.

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    From what I've heard, the university consists of nothing, except for the planets, stars, and the stars "output". (And of course also some other smaller objects).

    If universe consists of nothing, how would it then expand.

    How would nothing, expand into nothing? If the outside of the universe is "nothing" then it would be a part of the universe already.

    Otherwise, if we say the "outside" actually existed of something, then the energy of the outside would be added to our universe, e.g. energy would be created.

    So simply, how can nothing expand into nothing?
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    dark matter, it takes up most of the universe
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    Read http://curious.astro.cornell.edu/question.php?number=274 [Broken]. Still have questions?
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    Thank you honestrosewater, very good article.
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    If the spatial extent of the Universe is infinite as it is thought to be then there was an infinite spatial extent at the moment of the Big Bang and the matter in the Universe is just expanding into that.
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    Wow. My university doesn't even have a particle accelerator.
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    Nothing from nothing

    The topic of "nothing" and whether such a thing as nothing exist has long been debated in philosophy. The vacuum of space is not composed of "nothing" but various forms of energy called the quantum foam. One could also claim that even the so-called "stuff" that planets, stars and people are composed of "nothingness". Though this may be a little tougher to side with indeed one must be taken aback by the fact the average dense material here on earth has more space between the atoms than there is material making objects here on earth made more of psace than material.

    Nothing cannot exist in the presence of something. The two cannot coexist. You cannot observe nothing since the observer is composed of something which contaminates the state of "nothingness". Whether the universe is composed of something other than mental states is a hotly debated question between materialist and idealist.

    How can "something" arise from "nothing"? How can something mental (a thought) influence matter, such as your brain telling your arm to move? Are there really any fundamental buildign blocks to matter or is the universe an unbroken whole?

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    Read that one too. Easier to understand.
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    Reading that one is only good if it is correct.
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