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Nothing is real .

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    Nothing is real.....

    What has been most real to modern civilization, for the past millennium, is the notion of material progress.

    Progress is the most real artifact of the modern mind, in that it has organized our thoughts and actions, more than any other idea.

    Quite simply, for the past millennium, we have been stuck on the idea of progress.

    What now, now that it appears that we are about to come unstuck from that idea?

    What then will organize our thoughts and actions?

    Just wondering..........

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    Re: Nothing is real.....

    Bolding mine.

    Are you saying that people no longer think there will be progress? Where are you getting this idea?
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    Re: Nothing is real.....


    That life exists in this universe, depends upon the Anthropic Principle.

    How hospitable is our world to Progress? That depends upon the supposition that the current laws of physics can and will be superseded by laws that are even more amenable to progress than the best physical minds can presently envision. It depends on unforeseeable breakthroughs in physics.

    If we were policy wonks, we might wish to hedge our bets concerning said breakthrough. Is that defeatism? Or is it an exercise in pragmatics?

    The only hedge beyond physics is what is known as meta-physics. In dealing with the philosophy of (a) science, we are, necessarily, engaging in meta-science.

    That is what I wish to engage in here. Would there be a better place in the world to become so engaged?
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    Re: Nothing is real.....

    Will you please answer Evo's question?
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    Re: Nothing is real.....

    You are absolutely right my friend. It is the bloody thought of PROGRESS AND SUCCESS which has marred the entire beauty of this Macrocosm.
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    Re: Nothing is real.....

    The Universe is unreal. Actually there is nothing out there. You aren't there. Nor am I. Nothing. If you feel that I am writing this thread and you seem to see it, it is nothing but a visual aberration of the metaphysical type.
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    Re: Nothing is real.....

    Are you guys F**cking around or what? Or is somebody being sarcastic? Not everything that seems to have a vague meaning is philosophy, I don't know what to call this... horsegarbage? ...*inhale* yea maaaan nothing is real, we are all just illusions in a big cosmics nothingness. "yea maan its like *cough cough* people are always like trying to like use science to control the world but their really is nothing, the world's tyranny is because of people's progress and control man"...*inhale* Yea I bet in the old days before there wasnt as much stuff and society, people were able to telepathically communicate man, mind over matter bro".........The daily revelations of overly-skeptical, under educated teenaged stoners
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    Re: Nothing is real.....

    If the OP can't explain what he means clearly enough to be discussed. Closed.
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