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Notice: My 2nd crypto book finished :-)

  1. Nov 4, 2006 #1
    I've just finished the review phase of my 2nd book [see my website for
    details, I won't link it here for obvious reasons].

    It's a text covering software developer problems with cryptography, and
    is based for the most part on my experience as a developer and from
    supporting my projects. I think the book is a decent read and for the
    software developers out there stuck doing crypto work it should prove

    It's not a "handbook of applied crypto" style book, so please don't
    think of it as a re-run book :-)

    The text hits the printers tomorrow and should be in stock within a
    month [starting in the states of course...].

    I recommend picking up my 1st book on large integer math, not just
    because it's my book but because it covers the math in more depth than
    this book does. I also recommend the "Guide to Elliptic Curve
    Cryptography" as I don't cover ECC in a huge amount of depth. The
    three books fit well together as they were written in that frame of
    mind (they sit on my desk at the office).

    I have a third book project scheduled starting early next year. It's
    going to be public domain like my math text was. At least, till I get
    the first draft completed [sometime in 2009]. :-)

    Thanks for the attention, please return to the regular scheduled usenet


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