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Nova in Sagittarius

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    As of March 20, 2015, the nova is around 5th magnitude
    normally that would be naked eye visible, but due to my very bright, city lit sky, in inner west Sydney, Australia location, my limiting magnitude for NE is around 3.5 - 4.0
    I picked it up easily this morning using camera at 70mm, f4, ISO1000 and 30 sec exposure

    2015_03_20_3306-1sm annotated.JPG

    just to get you into the region here's a screen dump from Stellarium .....
    as you can see there is no corresponding star in the circle

    Nova Sagittarius loc.JPG

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    You need to get a small place in the countryside :-)
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    no kidding ;) would be nice to get out of the "ratrace" , but here is where the work is. I live 5-6 minutes drive between home and work :)

    early in Jan 2015 I found a place about an hours drive out of the city, NW of home
    have used that for my comet and other deep space pics in my other threads

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