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Hi everyone, maybe this is a very stupid question in this professional discussion group. I need your suggestion to learn the QM as a novice.

Firstly, I need to say that I am not a theoretical physicist and QM is just a tool for me. Currently, I need to focus on the electron-phonon coupling, electron-photon coupling and related application in solid-state physics, as well as in nano-material system. So, which aspect I need to throw my most time and energy on?

I am reading the book from cohen now, it is beautiful but too long althrough I know it is necessary to get the whole-view of the QM world. Maybe I need some points or focuses.

Thank you very much
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Welcome to PF;
There are no stupid questions.

To rephrase:
You are interested in solid state with a leaning towards nano-materials physics.
You are learning electron-phonon and electron-photon coupling.
You want to know how to weight your time and energy in these two subjects given your interest.

They are both pretty important - but there is not enough information to advise you.
Your intuition is probably correct - you should find something in the field that interests you and see what it takes to understand it. There will probably be several somethings.

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