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Novice - totally lost

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    I just started a EE class and the teachers just threw up there without really explaining everything. Everyone's lost. I tried to Google, but couldn't find anything.

    I have a breadboard, and I have a schematic I need to wire, but I do not really understand how to wire the VCC and ground (symbols). From what I've been told, VCC goes to power source positive, ground to power source negative. Is that right?

    I'm sorry for the painfully stupid / obvious questions. Course textbooks come in two weeks and the teachers are overloaded.
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    Don't worry about "noob questions". Everyone has to start somewhere :)
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    Most of the time with floating power supplies you want ground to be that power source negative. In your case this is probably what you want.

    Just be aware that there are cases where ground doesn't mean the negative terminal on a power supply.
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