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Now Derivative

  1. Aug 7, 2007 #1
    I wonder if anyone here knows any DERIVATIVE or differentiation book such as “Exercises in Integration” by Claude George, Springer-Verlag. Any advance would be appreciated.

    Actually, I am looking for MORE techniques, manipulations, etc, on INTEGRATION and DERIVATIVE that could not be found on many FIRST-YEAR Calculus book such as Stewart, Varberg, Giordano, etc. Maybe I could find the techniques, manipulations, etc, that suitable with my taste. Any advance would be much appreciated.
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    You don't really need a book like that, and I doubt one exists. With derivatives, you just sit down and do them. No real cleverness is required.
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    That is another example of what was referred to in a different thread as "direct" and "inverse" problems. We have a direct formula definition of the derivative and so, as musicheck said, "you just sit down and do them". The integral, or anti-derivative, typically is defined as the "inverse" of the derivative and so requires a lot of more or less related "techniques".
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    My suggestion is to take your Stewart textbook, and do all the derivatives. After about 50, you should fine that it's really repetitive and that's why they never wrote a book about techniques.
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