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Now what's a student to do?

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    You thought creating the whole person concept would get you into the college you want, but now they want even more - authenticity.

    Now you not only need at least one typo on your college admission application, you need to make the right typos. And "I try to be too perfect" doesn't qualify as a person's worst flaw anymore?! I can only assume "I tend to be too humble about my numerous accomplishments. I even close my bedroom door so people can't see my bookshelf packed with trophies", won't cut it either.

    Typo on your college application may get you in - 'Authenticity' the new hot selling point in ultra-competitive admissions race

    Just think, a whole new generation busy learning how to fake authenticity.

    A company I worked for used to require a self-assessment prior to your annual performance review and always asked what you felt was your weakest area. I put leaving the toilet seat up. It was good for some laughs in the office, but I was sensible enough to go ahead and delete that line. :rofl:
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    But, If you can fake sincerity you have it made.

    I'm going to use that!
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    whats so hard about being sincere? if you don't get in then you don't match what they're looking for? who cares?
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    It was a joke - there is a famous quote:
    Sincerity is everything. If you can fake that, you've got it made.
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    Particularly used in giving tips to guys about girls.
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