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I was just sent an email with the following text.
Here is a puzzle I just encountered.

Take any NPN transistor and ground the base. Now apply +12 volts to the emitter through a series resistor of 1k. Yes, it is a Zener diode of about 6 volts so about 6 ma of current flows.

What is the voltage between the collector and ground?

I couldn't guess. Well I could guess it was zero volts, but then, that would not have been a puzzle. So I gave up.

Answer: about -0.4 volts ! (Yes negative.) Why?

I am at a loss for understanding where they are getting this supposed -0.4V. Any takers?

edit: it is important to note my interpretation of the problem is the the collector is left open


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Cool problem. Amazing effect.


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Note that most NPN transistors will be damaged by reverse biasing the E-B junction, especially with such large voltages. I'm not discouraging you from doing the experiment (these things are cheap, after all), but don't expect the transistor to function properly afterward.

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