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NPSHA with Elevation raise

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    Hello I have a system seen below that has two above ground raises in it.

    The minimum tank fluid height is 12 feet. Elevation of 75 feet.
    The first raise goes up 7 feet and the elevation is 66 feet.
    The second raise goes up 5 feet to 64 feet.
    The pump is a vertical can pump so the depth to its impeller is 10 feet.
    The fluid has a high vapor pressure of 12.8 psia and a friction loss of 3.2 feet.
    I attached my calculation, I know NPSHa is calculated by the eye of the impeller so I add the 10 feet... but how do I account for the elevation changes?
    Did I do it right?
    View attachment 113822

    NPSHA = Patm-Pvap + z1-z2 +pump depth - hf

    = (14.7-12.8 psia)×2.31/.72 + 75-66+10 -3.2

    NPSHa= 21.8feet
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