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Homework Help: N's 2nd law: an eq'n for acceleration 'a'

  1. Sep 25, 2005 #1

    I was given two formulae for my Physics lab: ma=mg-T and T=Ma (using a pulley).

    ma--> net force on small object (paper clip)
    M--> larger mass (glider)
    mg--> force of gravity
    a--> acceleration
    T--> tension of ribbon used

    I'm supposed to combine the two equations to get one equation for acceleration. I thought about arranging them this way, but I think I'm wrong:

    T=Ma (1)
    T=mg-ma (2)
    0 = -mg + (Ma+ma)

    (the last part is difinitely messed up!)

    Hope some can help me out! :confused:
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    if T = Ma and T = mg - ma then mg - ma = Ma
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