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Nth Derivative

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    Hey guys,
    I'm fairly new to the topic of nth derivative.
    can some one please help me in solving this problem?
    f(x)= (3x+7)/(x+2).
    it would be a great help.
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    Welcome to physicsforums. You forgot to state what your question is. Are you able to, at least, calculate the first derivative?
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    yeah dude I can find the first derivative ... I need to find the nth derivative directly ... so is there some simplification or formula to find the nth derivative?
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    I recommend taking the first, second, and third derivative.
    Perhaps you can post back if you do not see a pattern emerging?
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    Take the first several derivatives to help find a pattern. This is what I found:

    the nth derivative is [((-1)^n)(n!)]/[(x+2)^(n+1)
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