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Nth derivative

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    i have solved the following one but not sure...anyone give me the solve..i want to be sure..

    nth derivative of {e^ax * Sin(ax+b)}
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    Show your solution and your working, as requested in the sub-forum guidelines, and I'm sure somebody will confirm it, or correct it if wrong.

    You need to use the product rule. Once you've differentiated several times you'll see a cyclic pattern that can be written down as a set of four cases.
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    ok..here is my solution...somebody plz confirm me..

    b^n * e^ax * Sin {(n*pi/2)+(bx+c)} + n*a*b* e^ax * Sin {pi/2+(bx+c)} + a^n * e^ax * Sin (b+c)
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    Substitute n=1 into your formula and then compare to what you get when you differentiate once, ie ##\frac{d}{dx}\big(e^{ax}\sin(ax+b)\big)##.

    Do they look the same?

    Post the working by which you arrived at your conclusion and somebody can show where you went wrong. Did you try what I suggested in post 2?

    If you use latex to properly display your formulas you will also improve your chances of getting help. The latex tutorial is here.
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    Your original function has "ax+ b" while your formula for the nth derivative has "bx+ c". Was one of those a misreading?
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