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NTSE interview

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    I have qualified in the national level of NTSE. My interview is sheduled in July/August 2005. I wanted to know what kind of questions are asked and what should be my preparation?
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    Are you purposely restricting the level of responses you wish to get only from people who automatically know what "national level of NTSE" is?

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    Obviously. By the way it is National Talent Search Examinations, one of the most prestigious scholarship exams in India.
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    usually basic GK questions r asked.....like the preamble,fundamental rights etc.also some subject knowledge in history,chemistry,geography.U must be able to introduce yourself well and get to know how to lead the interview.
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    NTSE interview experience

    I’m SHUBHAM GOEL and I appeared for the NTSE interview on 11th August 2010 in New Delhi. The panel members consisted of 7 members. The panel understood that we are children and did not create a tense situation. They were friendly and carried on the interview for 21 minutes and 15 seconds.
    When I entered, the first thing they asked for was the file of certificates which I was carrying along. Then they asked the following questions in sequence:-
    1.Tell about yourself.
    2.What is your aim in life?
    3.Tell about your family.
    4.Why are you so lean and thin?(I am very slim and thin)
    5.There is a ratio between height and weight. Do you know it? Do you follow it?
    6.They asked me if I like Physics. I said yes but specified the topic ‘motion’.
    7.They asked the 1st law of motion. What is the 2nd law?
    8.How is the 1st law a special case of the 2nd law?
    9.What is friction?
    10.How is it caused?
    11.What are its various types?
    12.Arrange them in ascending order of their magnitude.
    13.How is friction useful to us? State 2 reasons.
    14.What do you like in history?
    15.Why do you like this era? (I said that ideas were changing)
    16.Where were ideas changing?
    17.Why were they changing?
    18.Who were changing them?
    19.Name some people and universities related to this change.
    20.What do you like in Indian History?( I said that the revolt of 1857)
    21.What was this revolt?( I said that it was a national struggle)
    22.Was India a nation at that time?
    23.You would have visited Meerut. Tell us about it.(concerned with the revolt)
    24.The civics teacher took charge.
    25.What is the Commonwealth body?
    26.Which country is its President?
    27.What is UNO?
    28.When was it founded?
    29.What are its bodies?
    30.Who is the Secretary General of the Security Council?
    31.The Bio expert asked-What is a balanced diet?
    32.What are its components?
    33.What do you know about conservation?
    34.What is flora and fauna?
    35.What is your opinion about the recent cloud burst in Leh?
    36.Would it impact the flora and fauna of the region? Why? How?
    37.As I was from an army background, they asked me who was the commander in chief of the army?(Answer- the President)
    38.They asked me to go and I thanked them .
    My Sincere Advice:-
    Keep on smiling. Stay Calm. Carry your important certificates with you. Don’t argue. Don’t confront. Don’t try to give flukes and fake answers. Say SORRY when you don’t know an answer. STAY CONFIDENT. Prepare every question that can arise from your Bio data. Take care of body language.
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    Re: NTSE interview experience

    I would warn any students against going into a competition like this as, based on the above poster's comments, the process appears to be extremely subjective, and arbitrary.

    How does information about one's family affect the candidacy for a scholarship? This smells a lot like a veil for discrimination based on one's socio-economic background.

    What does this have to do with anything? Honestly if someone asked me something like this I'd turn around and walk out.

    The body mass index - are you kidding me? This metric is useless.

    Please tell me you said it was a card game.

    This sounds like more evidence of an extremely subjective process. If this person happened to be a vegan he might easily disagree with what other people find to be a perfectly acceptable diet - or the other way around.

    I don't know what this scholarship is for. Maybe they're just evaluating you on how you answer personal questions rather than the content of your answer - but based on this person's post, it doesn't sound like a fair or unbiased process to me.
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