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Nuclear Atom

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    A new nuclear atom theory at www.svcc.edu/~duncanb/[/URL] . Feel free to visit and make comments. Reply in forum or leave email. Will appreciate all comments.

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    how about the proton has two poles but can't create its own negative side,when a electron comes into orbit,the proton positive side pulls the negative filed of the electron through its pole,then charges the south pole with a negative field,then when the field strong enough the proton radiates both a positive and negative field with the use of the electrons own field,thus repelling and attracting at the same time.so the closer the electron gets the stronger the negative field gets repelling it back harder by its own field being used against itself!
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    It would be interesting to see the experimental data which led you to your various theories.
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    I agree the electron is held at distance from the proton. I like the charged ring model because the parameters that describe this distance are the same as those of convex polyhedra which led to this modeling technique associated with Pascal's Triangle. Check out 4 th reference in J. Chem. Ed.
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    Nuclea Atom

    Which experimental data can I help with. I am hoping to encourage the scientific community to exam this closely. If this theory is correct then text books will have to be rewritten.
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