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News Nuclear Crisis/North Korea

  1. Apr 13, 2010 #1
    It is my understanding that NK has developed advanced centrifuges.
    WHEN do we consider it a global security threat??
    Perhaps it's Iran as well.

    Sorry to say, but it's time to take them both down. My opinion.
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    North Korea had a failed weapons launch, called it successful, and now wants to sit at the big boys table. North Korea is a long way from being a contender.
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    I'm pretty sure North Korea has successfully carried out nuclear tests. Are you just talking about ICBM testing? Who cares about that??? Or do you walk around with the 'if it's not happenin in my backyard it ain't my problem' attitude.
    I wonder if South Korea thinks that...

    As well with North Korea it's not only Nuclear weapons that should be discussed but other the other WMDs they have.
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    Yes its time to take those 2 slave countries.

    USA you always will count with the people who belive in progress, freedom, democracy and peace here in Latin America, not matter what monkeys like Chavez and the other reds that want to make Latin America go worst than its now.
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    in my opinion Iran is a considerably bigger threat than North Korea, because they have terrorist groups that would be happy to use a nuke against their neighbors, especially Israel, even if the government was not willing to. The North Korean leaders may not care about their people, but they don't want to die. which is what would happen if they actually used nuclear weapons against another country.
    About taking them down... have you been paying attention to history for the last 50 years? we never did manage to control north Korea with conventional weapons and still have troops in south Korea in case they try to invade again, and we spent trillions trying to control Iraq, also mostly unsuccessfully. If you're proposing a preemptive nuclear strike- please don't.
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    Oh really?
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    You should have just posted this:
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    yes, we are still losing troops there every few days, so we obviously haven't won yet. The problem with trying to suppress a country without actually invading is that your enemies can just hide until you leave.

    love the graphic zom
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