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Nuclear Energy Research Initiative (NERI and I-NERI)

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    2004 Annual Reports Issued
    On May 27, 2005 the Department issued reports on its Nuclear Energy Research Initiative (NERI) and International Nuclear Energy Research Initiative (I-NERI) programs. These programs support the National Energy Policy by conducting research to advance nuclear science and technology in the United States. Both programs address key technical issues impacting the expanded use of nuclear energy. All new projects awarded on these programs directly support the applied research needs of the Generation IV Nuclear Energy Systems Initiative, the Advanced Fuel Cycle Initiative, or the Nuclear Hydrogen Initiative. The reports summarize research progress for projects awarded in FY 2001-2004. The NERI and I-NERI reports were distributed to Congressional members, the Nuclear Energy Research Advisory Committee, national laboratories, university, industry and international participants in the NERI and I-NERI programs.



    I recommend downloading with "save target as".
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