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Homework Help: Nuclear energy

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    15. The following fusion reaction takes place in the sun and furnishes much of its energy:
    , where is a positron. How much energy is released as 1kg of hydrogen is consumed? The masses of 1H, 4He, and are, respectively, 1.007825, 4.002604, and 0.000549 u, where atomic electrons are included in the first two values

    I do it by finding the difference of mass between the parent nucleus and daughter nucleus and multiply with 931.5MeV. The answer I got is 25.708MeV,which is actually different with the given answer, 6 x 10^14 J. Why?
    Which part I have done wrongly?
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    This might give you a clue:

    [tex]^{1}_{1}H+^{1}_{1}H\xrightarrow~^{2}_{1}H + p[/tex]

    Try and use standard value for isotopes not the average.
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