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Nuclear Engineering in Canada

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    I was searching around Canadian Universities for Nuclear Engineering departments (just out of curiosity).

    I only found one.

    University of Toronto.

    That's pretty sad if Canada only has one University that offers Nuclear Engineering classes...
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    Check out the Canadian Nuclear Society:

    Click on the Education link and scroll to the bottom of the page.

    http://www.cns-snc.ca/home_eng.html [Broken]
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    Just curious: what percentage of Canada's power comes from nuclear plants?
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    Roughly 15%. Canada's nuclear industry is a real mess though and that number is dropping fast.
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    After a web search, I found NuclearFAQ of Canada. Old numbers though.

    This are more detailed numbers if you're interested in them:

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    McMaster (in Hamilton, Ontario) also does nuclear engineering, its part of a program called Engineering Physics. They have their own nuclear reactor (for research purposes) on campus as well.

    As for nuclear power in Canada, it's somewhere around 15% on average. However, in Ontario specifically, its over 50% and may increase in future years, since there are plans to completely phase out coal power by 2014. You can check out: www.ieso.ca for more information.
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