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Nuclear Engineering Internship

  1. Oct 10, 2016 #1
    I am a Junior at The Pennsylvania State University majoring in Nuclear Engineering. I currently possess a 2.58/4.00 GPA (Not really where i wanted to be) and am trying to find an Internship somewhere in the nuclear field. I do have past experience working under civil engineers with the department of transportation.
    I have an interest in working with nuclear submarines/ other ships and designing/working in a nuclear power plant. Though I am open to new areas of the field I haven't learned about.

    I am asking to see if anyone knows any companies that I may not have applied to for an internship? Or if you have any other recommendations.

    Thank you!
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    There are no nuclear power commercial ships in US merchant service, but the US Navy does operate nuclear powered submarines and air craft carriers. However, one would not be able to get an internship designing/working on the nuclear power plant. Such work requires a security clearance or enrollment in the Navy.

    Best bet is an internship with a utility, e.g., Exelon, FENOC, or Talen Energy (PPL), or with a fuel supply, Westinghouse in Cranberry Township, PA.
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    Being a Navy Nuclear Vet, I assure you that there are civilian personnel involved with the Navy reactors. Bettis used to have a contract with them back in 2014, I am not sure who currently holds a contract.
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    Try looking into an internship with Exelon. Most big utilities have large internship programs that provide great experience and usually lead to job opportunities after you graduate. Look into engineering and RP positions, when I was in RP we regularly had engineering undergrad and masters interns and quality interns almost always had a job offer before even graduating. Once you get unescorted site access and have a few summers/semesters of training and experience you become much more valuable than other recent graduates with little or no industry related experience. Work an outage if you can, we would let our outage interns help take gamma readings on steam generator crossover legs, help with containment walkdowns and other low dose survey/decon work. You'll get a lot of in plant experience to see if it's really for you.
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