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Nuclear engineering journals?

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    Im looking through what nuclear engineering/nuclear power journals I have online acess to through my university and I find these ones

    Annals of nuclear energy
    Journal of nuclear material
    Nuclear engineering and design
    NEA news
    Progress in nuclear energy
    Nuclear plant journal

    I want to read stuff a little more indepth about nuclear power since I am tired of the more general info like in for instance this e-book(nuclear electricity 7th edition) http://www.uic.com.au/ne.htm, I havent taken a nuclear physics or reactor physics classes yet though(I am starting my third year as a physics undergrad).

    I want to learn more about acctual reactor designs ect.

    Which one of the above mentioned journals has the best reputation and the highest standards? Is any of them flat out bad? Any other source of more detailed info that I should look for?
    I am interested in the whole fuel cycle, particulary transmutation and waste disposal and reactor designs(especialy 4th generation).

    I want to learn as much as possible because I want to decide what path to follow during my third and fourth year. I am balancing betwen taking classes so I am more fit to work with nuclear power, nuclear propulsion in the future or shooting for a career in astrophysics.
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    All three journals:
    Annals of nuclear energy
    Journal of nuclear material
    Nuclear engineering and design

    have solid reputations. I am not as familiar with Annals of NE, but I use JNM and NED quite a lot and many colleagues have published in these journals. JNM is devoted to materials as the title indicates. NED is more about reactor and plant engineering with articles on topics like thermal-hydraulics, heat transfer, fluid mechanics, structural mechanics, and perhaps some nuclear or reactor physics.

    NEA news and Nuclear plant journal are trade press journals with more news than technical information.

    I don't often read Progress in Nuclear Energy, although I probably should browse it once in a while. It deals with fuel cycle, reactor/plant designs and safety and proliferation topics. PNE is also published by Elsevier and it has a solid reputation like NED and JNM.
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    Working with materials & fracture & related design issues typically follow & publish in NE&D and J. of NM .... feel both are solid journals content wise, and although my stuff doesn't relate that much to Annals of Nuclear Energy browse it occationally for fluid mechanics, safety, reactor physics, heat transfer etc. papers. Out of your list all those journals other than the "lighter" news stuff is technically worthwhile in one way or another ... and reading those 'lighter' ones isn't a bad idea either.
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    Thanks for the input :) Il start digging in those journals.
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    On-line e-journals - Journal of Nuclear Science and Technology - pdfs
    http://wwwsoc.nii.ac.jp/aesj/jnst/e-journal.html [Broken]

    Click on each No. #

    Main Page - http://wwwsoc.nii.ac.jp/aesj/jnst/index.htm [Broken]
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