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Nuclear Engineering

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    How is the demand and the $$$$ prospects for a nuclear engineer?
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    Interestingly I'm thinking about taking up this branch or Engineering.

    Texas is big on Science&Technolohy. Our to biggest schools UT and A&M have alot of it.

    UT(University of Texas) is in Austin, a big technology,liberal ,and thinking town.It's thought to be the smarter of the 2 big universities. Texas A&M is in Bryan-College Station which is a country,conservative, unsophisticated town. Longhorns often make jokesabout Aggies on how they are dumb supposedly. To give you an idea they built a 100ft bonfire and support The Bushes at A&M. Aggies care more about football than Longhorns.

    With all this I'm surprised that Texas A&M is the one with te Nuclear Engineering program. Why wouldn't UT Austin have one since it's the big Science&Engineering school in Texas? Weird cause Cal-Tech doesn't have one either but Stanford does.
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    i saw people people from nuclear engineering can switch to engineering jobs pretty easy.

    maybe u have to take phd on other potential fields.
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