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Nuclear engineers thread

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    shout out it you are a nuke like me! unfortunately, i am not sure if i can post in the nuke threads, because the Navy doesn't let us talk about that stuff.
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    I don't know the rules you are required to follow. However, when I was in this business (civilian contractor), anything unclassified could be discussed openly.
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    right now, i'm not quite sure what i will or will not be able to talk about.
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    I suppose this is as good a place as any to ask, where did the term 'nuke' come from?
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    Yes, but how did anyone get a 'k' in there? This is probably why some people say 'nukulear'.
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    hah, it'd be pretty awkward to try to spell nuke with a c instead of a k. Nooc may work, but nuc sure doesn't seem to do the job, and nuce certainly isn't right.
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    Most english-speaking people would pronounce 'nuce' as 'noose'. The 'nuc' in Astronuc is pronounced 'nuke', although my wife first pronounced it 'nuck'.

    As for what to discuss in the Nuclear Engineering forum - anything in the public domain, from a textbook or journal article is fine. Under no circumstances should anyone, who is involved in the Naval nuclear program, mention anything related to the Naval program. When in doubt, don't say anything.
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    I'm on my way to be one..
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    ..... qualify by a small margin .... in the field, although most stuff I do is related to nuke and not 'it' directly.
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    The Navy should tell you what is and isn't classified.

    The details of the design of a Navy reactor are classified, as is the
    power level because one could use that to find out the maximum speed
    of a warship - which is what the Navy wants to keep secret.

    However, general principles about how reactors work were declassified
    a half a century ago.

    Dr. Gregory Greenman
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    nuc is definitely prononced nuck, it is an expression of cackling popularized, with that spelling, in the Three Strooges films.

    Probably right, although I can see concern when one leaves enough public domain hints to put two and two together.
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    Are you deaf, lad? The Three Stooges spelling is, and always has been, 'nyuck'. :tongue:
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    Old thread, yes, I know. I guess it's time I stopped being nervous and started actually saying something.

    NucE at Penn State University is the plan after I transfer from a community college (let's just say my high school transcript wasn't the best, I pay a price for being lazy I suppose).

    I have an absurd love for anything involving nuclear power or radiation. Perhaps in a morbid fashion, I also have a fascination with reactor accidents (SL-1 and Fermi 1 intruige me the most, however. The oddities in impalement and the irony in the Fermi 1 incident).

    Right now I'm preparing to be a college freshman, however... So I only know what I read outside of school and in my spare time. Either way, I'll try to contribute what I can and if I say something stupid, correct me, please.

    - Brittany Pezzillo
  17. Jul 28, 2005 #16
    Mee too! Though I am an Electrical Engineer rather than a "Neuk", I never
    tire of documentaries and details about anything even remotely nuclear.

    I'd collect nuclear weapons the way others collect motorcycles and guitars
    if not for the obvious difficulties involved.
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