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Nuclear excitation

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    I have this question about the nuclei can it excited like we do with the electrons of atoms
    Or in other word for example if the nuclei in the stat that is n=1, E=E(1)
    Can we excite it to n=2 ,E=(2) ….. and how what we use for this

    how we can measure it ...i think it will be a measurement of the gamma rays

    but 1st of all is it possible

    how we can calculate it what is the laws that Governor it
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    no answer ????
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    Yes - the process would be inelastic scattering in which a neutron would interact/collide with a nucleus, exciting one of the resonances in the nucleus, and consequently the incident neutron loses part of its initial energy. De-excitation would involve emission of a characteristic gamma ray.

    There are also photo-neutron reactions in which a gamma ray of energy > 1 MeV would be absorbed and the nucleus ejects a neutron.
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    how do i conduct this experiment what atom should i Choose????

    and what is the law of E [for example E(n)=A*CONST/n

    can you recommend any references
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    do i need to Choose a radioactive atom or i can Choose stable one
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