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Homework Help: Nuclear Fission/Fusion

  1. Feb 2, 2010 #1
    Hi forums ..

    i got 2 questions, i got the main idea how to solve them but i still need some help.

    1) Use the following fusion reaction to determine the amount of mass that is converted to energy. 2/1 H + 3/1 H  4/2 He + 1/0 n + 17.6 MeV

    Solution .
    mh2 = 2.014102
    mh3= 3.016049
    mHe =4.002603
    mn= 1.008665

    i know that m =mf - mi (this works for fission, am not sure if it works for fusion as well )

    But am not sure how to deal with the 17.6 MeV

    2)The mass of a helium-4 nucleus is 4.0026 u. The mass of an individual proton is 1.0073 u and 1.0087 u for a neutron. Determine the binding energy per nucleon in the helium nucleus in units of MeV per nucleon

    E nucleon = [tex]\frac{E binding}{A}[/tex]
    A= Atomic mass number .
    what i dont know is how to get the Ebinding here.

    Thanks guys, and help/tip is really appreciated
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