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Nuclear Fission/Fussion

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    Is it appropriate to start a thread in the nuclear physics part of the site on both nuclear fission and nuclear fussion. The reason I am asking is because I know the forum guidelines have touched upon bombs and illegal activities, but I do not intend to do either.

    Thanks. _Mayday_
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    That topic is more appropriate in the Nuclear Engineering forum.

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    Thanks Zz, I'd rather be sure than do something against the rules. It may have sounded like an pbvious question, but that was not the case wth me.


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    At the very least, I'd consider calling it nuclear fusion. :tongue:
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    I thought if one had an s then so should the other! =]
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    Fission and fusion are commonly discussed in the Nuclear Engineering forum, although some aspects related to the physics are discussed in the High Energy, Nuclear, Particle Physics Forum.
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    I didn't mean any offense, Mayday. I just like to play with words. Welcome to Dangerland.
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    Ah ok then, thanks for that I would have posted in the Particle Physics forum, but my questions are quite simple and are relatively basic. Thanks.

    I'll post in a while though I'll do some more research into it before I ask a question. o:)

    I know you didn't :smile:
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