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Nuclear fusion

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    the way that sun generates energy is really impressive.
    as human we are trying to simulate the similar process, however there are two vital problems we have to overcome:
    1: the necessary temperature for fussion: about 40,000,000 k!
    2: the containment of the plasma.

    what do you think, could this kind of energy generation become a concequent alternative supply for the future?

    does anyone has to do with such researchs?
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    I think it most certainly could and quite probably will become our main source of energy in the future.

    As you may already know, the two probalems you pointed out are interdepandant; if we can solve one, we will solve both. It is by containing and constricting a flow of plasma that we generate thermal energy within that plasma (in a "pinched plasma" reaction, that is). If the plasma can be contained effectively enough, the temperature will be sufficient.

    My bet is on Princeton;


    I believe thay have already achieved breakeven (or approximate breakeven, depending on your margins), and wtih every new experiment their ratio of energy output to input increases by multiples.
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