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Homework Help: Nuclear gigs, help

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    I wanted to know how to find the mass of a radioactive sample given its Energy "MeV" and and decay rate "Bq"?
    Can you please give me a hand with this one by giving me the formula.

    Please dont solve an example because this is part of my case study.

    Thanks alot
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    Chi Meson

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    Some details: is the radioactive object moving? If not, then it's energy (in eV) corresponds to its mass using a certain well-known equation (E=mc^2). BUt in order to get kg, you need to convert eV to joules (1eV = 1.602 x 10^-19 joules).
    If the radioactive sample is moving then you need to do a little more.

    I'm not familiar with decay rate as "Bq." Usually the decay constant is represented by a greek "lambda." Could you specify what the B and the q represent?
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    I thought there was a harder way.

    i had that in mind but usualy what i think at the end i might get the same answer but since the formula is diffrent i lose marks.
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