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I Nuclear Laser?

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    I've been thinking... Is there any way that there could be sort of a one-time use pulse laser that uses something like a mini atomic bomb to create a super high energy laser? I found stuff about a Nuclear pumped laser and "Project Excalibur", but I wanted to ask actual people who know a lot about this kind of thing. I'm an electrical engineer myself, and this is totally out of my realm.
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    A mini-atomic bomb, by design, blows its wad in one go. Its rate of output will overwhelm (indeed, annihilate) any device attempting to harness it.

    A nuclear-pumped laser is about harnessing the fissile byproducts of a controlled nuclear reaction.

    They're kind of antithetical.
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    I know a little about lasers, and a lot less about nuclear physics.

    You may be interested in this article, however:


    Long story short, it is possible to make gamma ray laser light using nuclear excited states in a similar way as ordinary laser light is made using electronic excited states.
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    Thanks to everyone who responded! DaveC426913, thanks for clarifying that. Thanks jfizzix for linking that article!
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