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Nuclear magnetic resonance

  1. Feb 25, 2015 #1
    Hi everyone. I'm just looking for an online description of the nuclear magnetic resonance machine, with explanations of all components, and their physical principles...anyone can help me? Giving me any link to a website talking about it?
    In addiction, could be this be a valid topic for a bachelor of science degree in electronics engineering, or would it be too much complicated for that stage?
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  3. Feb 25, 2015 #2

    Simon Bridge

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    A Bachelor level degree would not normally involve such a specific study and the principles of NMRI would tend to be quite complicated for that level anyway.

    The information you are looking for can be found by googling "basics of nmri" "principles of nmri" and "nmri schematic".
    There are a lot of schematics and descriptions to varying levels of detail - if you have a particular machine in mind you'll have to ask the manufacturer.
    I'm sure you can look up the patents for early machines.

    There are a LOT of components in the nmri machine - presumably you just want the bits that make it function as an nmri scanner rather than, say, all the dials, knobs, and semicoductors or the way the software works to create the image.
  4. Feb 25, 2015 #3
    Exactly, I'm just looking for the stuff like the nmri scanner and so on, the more "physics- related" part of it...I'm not interested at all in software or image creation...thanks for your answer anyway
  5. Feb 25, 2015 #4
    Any other suggestions?? from anyone?
  6. Feb 25, 2015 #5


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    so, did you bother doing the googling that Simon suggested before asking for other suggestions ?

  7. Feb 26, 2015 #6
    I did, and I thank him for his help, but I was just saying in anyone of you knows a link, with something more "detailed", about how the nmr works..
  8. Feb 26, 2015 #7

    Simon Bridge

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    Probably, but your request is too vague.
    Please be more specific. With reference to the information already provided, where do you need more detail?
  9. Feb 27, 2015 #8

    Yes, maybe I was vague, and I'm sorry for that. Anyway, I googled "mri schematics" , and "basics of mri" yesterday, until I found this :


    It's a schematics of the device for the nuclear magnetic resonance...but the problem is that it doesn't explain how many things in that scheme are implemented. I surely know what an ADC or a synthetizer are and how they are made (I study electronics engineering), but it doesn't explain, for example, how the magnets, gradient coils, surface coils are made, nor does it give an explanation of how the machine works...There's only that scheme.
    That's what I meant, when I said I need something more detailed. Thank you again for helping.
  10. Feb 27, 2015 #9

    Simon Bridge

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    But you know how magnets etc are made: by a machine, in a specialist engineering shop, by winding wire on a spool.
    Did you try googling the specific blocks you did not understand... i.e. I googled "nmri gradient coil" and got loads of hits from academic papers to detailed diagrams.

    You should realize that the nmri machine is very complicated so you won't find everything you are asking for from a single source.
    You have to use the general block diagrams like you found to get search terms for something more specific.

    You will also find that some details, particulary details of manufacture, will be trade secrets - so there is a limit to how much detail you will get.

    What has set of this inquirey? It will help us direct you to something useful if we know what you want to know for.
    Are you thinking of building an nmri machine yourself for example?
  11. Feb 27, 2015 #10
    No. .of course I don t wanna build the machine by myself. .it s very expensive. The point is that, given the fact I m studying electronics engineering, I wanna try to work with that kind of machinery after my degree. So I started asking about it just to know how it functions, and to start stydying it on my own by now
  12. Feb 28, 2015 #11
    Sorry for replying late everytime, but I live in Italy, and surely we have problems with time zone..
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